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Hazardous Freight

Dangerous goods or Hazardous freight is in constant demand in modern industry. Many of the most basic household items contain or are synthesised from hazardous chemicals, yet moving this freight can be tightly regulated and difficult for normal carriers to achieve.

At The Special Carrier we specialise in hazardous freight, and with our fully certified team of ADR drivers, it poses no more challenge to us than normal freight. Our operations staff have decades of experience in dedicated Haz-Chem freight solutions and can provide you with a swift bespoke service to Europe, tailored to your specific needs.

Our fleet consists of small vans right up to 18 tonne trucks for the largest loads, allowing us to tackle a broad range of your hazardous goods needs. All our vehicles are also unmarked for optimum security in the handling of high consequence goods.
Call or email us now for a quote on urgent dangerous goods freight from the UK to Europe.

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